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Naija Dj Pool is the first Dj Pool solely for unlimited Nigerian Music Downloads.Naija Dj Pool is committed to providing DJs with latest Nigerian Music before it gets to the streets. Naija Dj Pool is taking Nigerian music promotions to a greater height. Naija Dj Pool is putting Nigerian music in the hands of the hard working Naija DJs.

 Naija Dj Pool is a fast growing music service that provides you with a one-stop source for new and pre-released Nigerian music. Naija Dj Pool is committed to providing hard working Nigerian Dj’s with unlimited music downloads Naija Dj Pool has continued to evolve over the time since it’s conception some months ago.

We are dedicated to providing music to Naija DJ’s on a timely basis that will allow them to be one step ahead of the competition. At the same time providing Nigerian record labels with the promotions and feedback of their music from the professionals that matters the most the Naija DJs.

Naija Dj Pool has robust working relationship with many record labels both in Nigeria and outside that provide exclusive music for your promotional use and review. DJs enjoy the benefits of getting the new music first. Labels enjoy the benefits of getting your music heard. Join the Naija Dj Pool to experience the difference.