DJ Bally is the genesis of a new breed of DJs coming out of Africa. A remarkable mixologist, he delves heavily in the production and engineering of mashups, remixes and original tracks mostly in the EDM genre. Having grown up on his elder siblings diverse record collection, from soulful 80’s/90’s Hip-Hop & RnB to the higher tempo rhythmic progressions of Makossa, all infused with his own personal affinity for the more electronic synth sounds coming out of Europe at the time, Bally ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of this music that he loves best, transitioning seamlessly between genres, from contemporary afrobeats to electronic dance music, hip-hop, trap and a whole lot of other weird stuff.

Bally began his musical journey while still in high school, creating playlists and arranging music for all major social events and parties. He however, bought his first set of turntables and began active DJing while in college. Along with his housemates, he became widely popular for organizing parties all around campus DJing for an eclectic mix of students with varying musical tastes. Since then he has held a number of club residencies around the world. A founding DJ of the Grotto Fashion Club in Abuja, Nigeria he progressed to a resident stint at the Gatecrasher club in Nottingham, while still touring the better part of the UK playing various gigs. He has also been called upon to play alongside some of the biggest names in Afrobeats music today.

Always striving to push boundaries, DJ Bally’s ability goes way beyond the turntables. Over the last couple of years he has been honing his craft as a record producer, putting out a long array of music projects along the way. His goal has been to spearhead the EDM movement in Africa while at the same time doing his part in spreading the gospel of Afrobeats music to the rest of the world. Therefore, his mashups and remixes infuse both contemporary African rhythms and vocals with the piercing synth sounds of electronic dance music giving birth to a completely new refreshing high. His productions however, though geared towards certain genres still remain highly experimental, reminiscent of early Diplo. His mashup series “MashUp Mondays” where he releases a brand new mashup every Monday is currently hosted on The Beat 99.9 FM radio station during the Morning Rush show. He also hosts a weekly online podcast called “Ballystic Radio” where he plays and speaks about all the latest music in all the various sub genres of electronic music today.

It’s a revolution for DJs in the African music scene and DJ Bally stands at the forefront.