Dj Quest GH

For Accra city’s own, 22 year-old rising star Winnie A. Kwesi aka DJ Quest Gh, getting to record an album on the label where he serves as the CEO is like “street Queen”, hustling no more featuring Lil Chapter on the icicles Ghana debut album. My studio mixes, is expected to be a problem in the streets. An 808 banger for sure.

DJ Quest GH describes his music as fun RnB, Pop with significant, deep “meaning Pop music is about stories”. It can be meaningful yet still fun. As a good poet too I write good punch lines for a good rhythm making my music a sensational one of course. I am born on the 24th of January 1990. My profile as a Journalist, Dj, Presenter, a renaissance artist, Professional teacher, song writer, movie director and CEO of HRE began at the age of 17 when I was by then known as B.Bone and he rebranded himself as Winnie Churches when he was at St. Francis college of Education.

Just after completion he also came out with a diploma in Journalism from GIET College Nugua Brigade during this period he put touches to his name as DJ Quest Gh whilst working with ABACC 105.7 FM in Aflao. DJ Quest is born and bred in Ghana. Quest then embarked on a solo career after completing college and will be releasing his debut album in 2015. He also collaborated in the Xaverian Mix tape Video with some dance skills which he put on YouTube with the IG: GH ICICLES. He hopes his music will provide a new means for him to give back to the community. I would love to give back to my school for teaching me all that I know, he says in addition to wanting to give back to other charitable organizations close to his heart such as OSU children’s home. Having performed at so many events throughout school and shows DJ Quest is no stranger to stage, I feel at home on stage, so every stage I step foot on becomes my home during that performance, DJ Quest states emphatically. He has had the opportunity and blessing to perform in a variety of places.

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