Dj Sose

Dj Sose – The Tattooed Faced Dj
Born to a musically gifted Nigerian Father and Hungarian mother, from birth Dj Sose’s life became immersed with music. As far as Dj Sose remembers, it was here that he embraced the sounds of music, and began thinking of ways to ensure music would play a pivotal role in his life. However it was never just one genre that managed to intrigue our ‘Tattooed faced Dj’. From the diverse range of music surrounding him, Sose became captivated by sounds from afro beats, to classical, to jazz, to hip hop, to rock, and the list goes on.

Until you see this spin doctor in action one would not be able to fully appreciate what is meant when it is said, ‘What Dj Sose brings is not just an image, it is in fact a God given talent’ and that he is not just a Dj, but engulfs the presence of a born entertainer. ‘I remember telling my friends in school that I was going to be in the entertainment business, and they would just laugh at me…’ Dj Sose remarks with a cheeky grin, ‘and look at me now’. Nominated for ‘World best Dj’, it has been a long time coming but finally, it seems, originality and creativity is being brought back into music and the entertainment arena.

The origin of his stage name Dj ‘Sose’ is Ishan deriving from his tribe in Nigeria. Sose, meaning ‘Bear Witness’ was a name given to him by his father, and is soon becoming a house hold brand within the entertainment industry today. There is also an acronym within this, which is his motto to life: ‘Smiles Over Sorrow Everyday ‘ which manifests his positive and charmingly unstoppable approach to life and success.

Dj Sose has a great love for travel, of which he allows to influence his performances. Besides playing popular commercial or contemporary music, Sose is no musical snob. If the track is a good sound, he’ll play it, and if you haven’t heard it before, be assured he will be one of the first DJ’s to bring it. Dj Sose’s experience in travel has given him the opportunity to manage music projects overseas and with a first degree in Business Information Systems Sose’s dream to turning his passion into profession was innate and has helped others reach their path of self actualization within the music industry.

At present Dj Sose resides in Nigeria

Contact Gray Tiger 07034877711 
Twitter – @DjSose

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