Dj Cuppy

Born in 1992 and formerly known as DJ Cupcake, Dj cuppy began by playing the Piano after which she ventured into beat-making and thereafter DJing. At 17, Dj Cuppy had already become a household name playing at some of London’s top nightclubs and events such as DSTRKT, Jalouse and at various London Fashion Week fixtures. Dj Cuppy also played at well known clubs in Paris, New York and Dubai.

As a DJ, Dj Cuppy plays House music predominantly but began experimenting with music from her native hometown in Africa and noticed that it was gradually becoming widely accepted in mainstream Europe. This fuelled her curiosity and she sought to create a universal sound that would appeal to people the World over without losing touch of her cultural heritage. Dj Cuppy calls this new sound Neo-Afrobeats, a genre of music, which blends Electric House with Afro-beats


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