Super DJ YO

  • Born Abayomi Dosunmu Odunsi, DJ Yo was born on the 13th of February 1989. Dj Yo started his primary and secondary school education in Lagos, Nigeria.He later moved to the United Kingdom to further his education at The Leys College Cambridge in 2006. 

    During his time at The Leys DJ Yo developed an interest for music but pointed this interest into DJing. Inspired by the likes of Jay-Z, Tim Westwood, 2Pac and many others, this strong passion drove him to continuously improve his skills.  As a DJ, His role models were DJ Shawty and Tim Westwood. Abayomi started to research the art of DJing as his interest for it grew more by the day, this interest caused him to find a new mentor called DJ Abraham who had  10 years of DJing experience and attended a school to learn to DJ

    DJ Abraham began to put Abayomi through on the basics of DJing after which Abayomi decided to become independent and learn on his own. In 2009 Dj Yo finally got his first opportunity to DJ at a club. At the event he worked with DJ Exclusive and there was a performance by Naeto C. After this Abayomi started to get more DJing deals and was well known for pleasing the crowd due to his wide range of music selection and unique method of transitioning them together.

    He has performed in different locations all around the UK such as Birmingham, Bradford, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leicester, Norwich and Coventry, he has also worked with different Nigerian clubs. This has allowed Abayomi to be a more versatile and experienced DJ. He has also been able to work with several DJ’s such as: DJ Xclusive, DJ Bayo, DJ Fresh, DJ Pyzzle, DJ Shawty, DJ Debbi and DJ Jam Jam. and also different African artistes such as: Sauce Kid, Davido, Naeto C and T-Boy.
    Asides His DJing career Abayomi is also a Graduate of The University of Birmingham With a BSC in Business and Management and MSc In International Marketing. He is currently undergoing his MBA in International relations and hopes to tap into other lines of business asides DJing 

    DJ YO is a UK-based Nigerian DJ. For bookings contact 

    Vibes Mgt Tolu: 07407273073 or ore: 07530208545 
    twitter: @DJ___YO


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